About Seglbudir, Erlendur and Thorunn

UK Flag A family owned farm

The farm Seglbúðir is located in the southern part of Iceland, within 3-hours’ drive from Reykjavík. Seglbúðir is a family owned sheep farm that offers trout fly-fishing in the river Grenlækur which meanders through the area. In the autumn og 2014, a small-scale local slaughterhouse was opened on the farm.

Erlendur and Thorunn are the couple behind Seglbúðir. Erlendur started farming in Seglbúðir in 1980 and the couple have lived there together since 1989. His family have farmed Seglbúðir continuously since 1866.

In 2002 the couple built an exclusive 4-doubleroom guesthouse at Seglbúðir. It accommodates both tourists and fishermen.

Visitors often describe Seglbúðir as a paradise on Earth. One is often overwhelmed by the strength of the landscape, it’s rawness and purity. It is a place where you can experience liberating calmness and the exceptional strength of nature at the same time. The simplicity and unique quality of the setting are what make a visit to Seglbúðir an experience to remember.