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The Seglbúðir section of the river Grenlækur is called beat 5. It offers variation in fishing as the river meanders through the landscape. The unique character of the landscape makes fishing in the river an experience beyond the ordinary. When the sheep gate closes behind you, you are in another world where nature, fellowship and fishing are the essentials and everything else just naturally moves to the background.

The numerous twists and turns in the 10 km section of the river hold many pools with excellent opportunities for spotting fish in the water. Being able to see the fish in the various pools lends an extra exciting dimension to fishing, as you never know what you will spot from the next hilltop or around the next corner. Fishing with your friends can give you a great benefit, as you are able to spot for each other. This can sometimes be of great importance in order to present the fly with precision. To catch your dream fish in the company of others is no doubt also a more rewarding experience.

Here you can see maps of beat 5 in Grenlækur.

Sea Trout and Arctic Char

The river offers world class fishing for sea trout, brown trout and especially the distinctive arctic char. Fly fishermen from around the world have visited the river and most have returned to experience its beauty many times.

From mid-June to late July there are primarily brown trout and arctic char in the river. From late July to late October the sea trout arrive from sea. Nevertheless all the three types are always found in the Grenlækur. The number of trout varies, but Grenlækur is known for great fishing, even under difficult conditions. The weather in Iceland is very changeable, but even in rain and wind you will always be able to find a sheltered spot at Seglbúðir due to the nature of the landscape.

Most of the fly-fishermen fish upstream, with nymphs and indicators. This method has proven very effective, especially if the weight of the fly is tuned right and the nymphs placed at the right depth in the water. When conditions are right, dry fly fishing is of course a pleasure to experience. The thrill of watching a nice sea trout rise from the depth and aggressively take your dry fly on the surface cannot be described in words.

Erlendur and Thorunn, the farmers at Seglbúðir, have a different approach to fishing the river. It is important for them to keep the river on nature’s own terms and not alter the terms in order to accommodate a greater amount of fish. This means that the number of trout follows nature’s own cycle and the trout breed naturally, as we do not stock Grenlæk with fry.

Four rods are allowed in the river at any one time, and the daily catch is two trout per rod. All arctic char must be released.

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If you have any questions about fishing in beat 5 in Grenlækur or about renting the guesthouse, please do not hesitate to contact the owner, Erlendur, at:,  by phone +354 697 6106 or fill out the form below.

If you need directions to Seglbúðir then you can find them here.

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